It's time to quit

the tiring hustle

don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how.

& finally build

your dream business.

$99 site critique

Get an in depth look at what's working on your site, and what isn't. I'll go over every page with you, and provide constructive criticism to help you book your dream clients with your site! Bonus: You'll get SEO tips tailored to your market.

give me the deets!


My 1:1 coaching program is designed to help photographers and creatives create a brand and strategy that books their dream client. You will have access to all my methods I used to build my 6-figure photography business, and I will create a step-by-step strategy for you.

I'm all in!

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I'm here to help you elevate your business to create a brand and life that you love!

My love of entrepreneurship began right out of high school when I was ready to do whatever it took to avoid the 9-5 trap. (Spoiler alert: I succeeded!) I've been a full time photographer for 10+ years and you can see the proof right here :)

When I moved my business to Hawaii, I was overworked and burnt out. I was saying "yes" to every job that came my way, until I redefined the term "ideal client" and rebuilt my brand. I went from $100 photoshoots, to $100,000 in yearly revenue. Now I teach photographers and creatives how to reach their ideal clients online and build their own thriving business.

I'm a business coach for photographers and creatives.

Hey, I'm Chelsea!

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My coaching program is designed to help you identify, market to and book your dream clients online.

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what's your favorite tv show?

the office

Parks + Rec


My favorite tv show is...

the office

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.
(This was a super hard choice for me!)

what's your drink of choice?




My drink of choice is...


I love a good red blend!

where would you like to vacay to?




My dream vacay spot is...


It looks magical!

- Daniella, Tote + meme photography

"Before the session I felt that I had been running through this endless marathon with my Photography business.

Now that chelsea helped me, it's A whole new world with the business that I'm bringing in."